All The Tools I Use For My 'Teaching Autism' Business

I've included links below for all the fantastic tools, programmes and resources that I use to help run 'Teaching Autism.'

Some of these links are affiliate links. This means I may get a little bit of commission if you decide to purchase any of them.

However, I don't just recommend anything. I only recommend the stuff that I use and have found to be fantastic for me and my business. 

Some of these links will also give you a free trial to try out.


I use Kajabi for hosting this website that you're on right now, my mailing list and opt-ins, my training courses and memberships. Find out more here or sign up for their 28 day challenge here.


BlueHost is the host I use for my website My website is and was designed by Jumping Jax Designs. The online shop is WooCommerce. You can find out more about BlueHost here and get a special introduction offer. 


Having a back-up of my files is hugely important to me. I back-up my files on 2 external hard-drives plus Dropbox. I love how easy Dropbox is to access from everywhere and it's so affordable for the amount of storage I can get! Try it here.


My podcast is hosted with Castos. I'm so glad I went with them, they're a wonderful company with great customer service - and I've never had a single issue! Try them here.


Staying organised and being able to communicate with my team is key. I like to plan both on paper and digitally. But for my digital planning, I use AirTable - and I LOVE it. Plus, the free version is awesome! Try it here.

Paper Planning

Following on, for my paper planning, I use 2 types. The first is my TpT Seller Planner. This has all of my important seller information, plans, stats, tracking etc. Click here to see the one I use.

Then, I also use a Happy Planner to keep on top of dates, events, appointments etc.

Smarty Symbols

Having access to a symbol subscription programme is vital for my business. And, after trying out so many different ones, you won't believe how over the moon I was to find Smarty Symbols. They're affordable, great at customer service, easy to use and understand, plus they're huge supporters of TpT sellers! Check them out here.

Hp Instant Ink

I used to spend a fortune on ink costs before I had my Hp Instant Ink. And over 2 years on, it still works perfectly for me. Use my link here to sign up and get a free month of ink!


It gets overwhelming very quick when you're trying to do all of the things. Tailwind is amazing at taking some of that pressure off. You can use it for scheduling for Pinterest and Instagram. I love the Tribes feature too! Find out more here.

Pinning Perfect

I remember I used to be so stressed trying to do all of the things with Pinterest - especially keeping up with changes. That all changed when I signed up for Pinning Perfect - especially as the girls keep updating it as Pinterest changes too! This is well worth looking into for your business, find out more here. The girls have also put together a free Pinterest holiday keyword cheat sheet for you to try out! Click here to get it.

30 Days to Impactful PD

Making a course is a lot of hard work. And it's even harder when you're trying to do all the things by yourself. Taking this course by April Smith was AMAZING. She made the whole process so smooth and it was a game changer for creating my course. If an online course is something you're interested in, I highly recommend this course by April.

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