Hi, I'm Nikki

  • An autism specialist with over a decade of experience working with students aged 3-19.
  • Creator of engaging, hands-on resources that are tried, tested, and loved by students and educators alike.
  • Trainer who empowers teachers to make their autism and special education classrooms accessible, successful and less stressful!

If you're a special education teacher, educator or homeschooler looking for hands-on, engaging and differentiated lesson plans, resources and activities.. Or online training that will help transform you as a teacher and your classroom.. Or even tips, help and information to improve your knowledge and work/life balance, then you're in the right place!

What Do I Offer?

Resources and Activities

I create adapted, engaging and hands-on activities and resources that are used by education professionals, therapists and homeschoolers all around the world. 

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VIP Membership

I run a VIP membership that has hundreds of resources in different themes that you can use in your classroom. Each month more resources get added.. It's all you need!

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Task Box Library

I LOVE using task boxes.. And that's where the task box library was born! Filled with hundreds and hundreds of task boxes.. This is perfect for you to build your collection!

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Online Teacher Training

If you're looking for engaging and relevant online training that will help you with your special education students, then this is the perfect course for you!

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Come listen to engaging podcast episodes filled with information, tips and advice. I've interviewed some amazing guests and I know you're going to love tuning in!

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If you prefer to read, then my blog is where you're going to want to be! It is full of informative posts, tips, information and free resources and crafts for you to download too!

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Teacher Author Services

If you're a teacher-author looking for some support, guidance or coaching, I have a list of services that you can try out too!


Aimee Slee

As a third year teacher I thought I could handle anything coming my way. But signing up for Nikki's membership was the best choice I made. I have so much more time on my hands now and I love being able to access so many new resources each month. It's the best quality membership I've found for special education and I intend to be a lifelong member!

David Jones

As a new teacher, I was feeling overwhelmed with starting the new year with my classroom. I had 7 students, all of whom were diagnosed with autism. My teaching degree really didn't give me enough training to prepare me - but Nikki's course did! I can't recommend this course enough.. It has everything you could need to really feel comfortable and knowledgeable in your classroom role. I recommend it to both new and veteran teachers - there is something for everyone in there. 

Grace Newbury

I came across Nikki's task box library one day on her social media account. I decided to sign up for 1 month and just see. 10 months later and this is still a membership that I'm so excited to log into each week! There are so many task boxes on there and she is always adding more. She is saving me so much money, but also time as well. I used the training guide included in the membership to give to my paraprofessionals to help them understand what we're doing and they loved it. Highly recommend!

Belinda Montroe

I have been a member of the Teaching Autism Membership for over 3 years now. I pay annually because it's such a good deal and all my colleagues have ended up signing up too after me showing them how much is included in there! I love all of the resources but also the sensory story scripts - my students LOVE story time now.. Whereas they used to hate it. This has been a huge life changing resource. Thank you!

Victoria Haunton

Nikki's enthusiasm for teaching is infectious. I love that she is an educator who is still encouraging others to love being in the classroom with students too. I was started to get stressed and burned out with school.. This is my 12th year! But Nikki @ Teaching Autism has really helped to turn this around. I took her online training which really did teach this old dog some new tricks.. And then I signed up for the VIP membership and ever since.. My life has been a breeze! Thank you Nikki for giving me back more time but also helping me to continue to love teaching.

Samantha T.

I met Nikki when she came to my school to give me some supports with a student who was struggling to come in. Nikki is a wealth of knowledge and is amazing at thinking outside of the box and really trying to get a full picture of students. After her visit, our principal signed the whole school up for her online training and it's still one of the most talked about and recommended trainings in our school staff room. Thank you Nikki for providing such a helpful and fulfilling online training that really has made such a huge difference to my teaching and classroom environment.

Free Resources

Sign up for any of the free resources below to gain access to my free resource library that's full of activities for you to download for free today!

3 Counting Adapted Books

3 levels of counting adapted books that are perfect to add to your math lessons.

Download Free Here

Calm Down Adapted Book

This adapted book will help give your students strategies for self-regulating and calming themselves down.

Download Free Here

Task Boxes eBook

This beginners guide for task boxes eBook is perfect for introducing task boxes into your classroom setting.

Download Free Here

Potato Heads Sequencing

This file comes with different sequencing images for your students to follow for Mr & Mrs Potato Head

Download Free Here

16 Polar Bear Task Boxes

With 16 task boxes included this free download is perfect for your winter / polar bear theme activities.

Download Free Here

Construction Dough Mats

These construction play dough mats will be a fun and engaging addition to your construction theme!

Download Free Here

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