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I started my virtual assistant services to teacher authors around the world, after first supporting my partner.

My partner's teacher author journey started to get bigger and bigger every year. This is when we knew something had to give and she started to outsource. 

Soon, I started to attend training courses and conferences. I started to work as her virtual assistant and learning vital parts of being a teacher author and how to get resources seen and noticed.

That's when I started to get other teacher authors emailing me to see if I could support them with their teacher author journey.

Now, over a year later, I am able to offer more spots to provide virtual assistant services to teacher authors all around the world. And you'll feel safe in the knowledge that I'm an open communicator, I have experience in the teacher-author world, especially Teachers Pay Teachers, and I'm always attending training and conferences to ensure my work is the best it can be.

It is impossible for us to do all the things, all the time. And that's when a virtual assistant is the perfect answer to your prayers. Let me take away the time consuming jobs, or the tasks that you dislike and complete them for you. Giving you the time you need to work on other jobs and tasks for your business.

What Services Do I Offer?

Pin Creation

In this package I'll take away the pressures of creating pins by completing the following;

  • I'll use your photographs, images or stock photos to design Pinterest pins.
  • Pins are designed to follow the latest Pinterest guidelines.
  • I'll upload the pins direct to your Pinterest account, complete with keywords and search friendly titles, descriptions and hashtags.

Tailwind Scheduling

Let me take away the pressure of getting your pins scheduled. I this package I'll do the following;

  • Schedule pins from your Pinterest account to Tailwind.
  • Ensure your Tailwind queue is using the best time slots for your audience. 
  • Share your pins onto your Tailwind tribes.
  • Share content from your Tailwind tribes to add to your queue.
  • Find content that is relevant to your niche and add this to your queue.

Pinterest Clean-Up

Let me clean up your Pinterest account by completing the following; 

  • Profile performance assessment.
  • Re-do board titles and descriptions to make search and keyword friendly.
  • Update your profile description to make search and keyword friendly.
  • Put together an action plan for you to use moving forward to get the most out of Pinterest.

Resource Upload

Do you have a batch of resources that you want uploading to Teachers Pay Teachers or TES? This package includes;

  • Uploading of resources to your TpT or TES website. 
  • Copying and pasting of titles, descriptions and grade tags from you to add to upload.
  • Uploading of covers, thumbnails and previews that you provide. 

Resource Transfer

Do you have resources on TpT that you want uploading to TES? Or vice versa? This package is for you..

  • I will upload your resources from TpT to TES/vice versa.
  • I will copy and paste descriptions, titles and grade level tags, and pricing over. 
  • Uploading of covers, thumbnails and previews that you provide. 

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